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Re: Query: DataBase Publishing on MAC

At 04:57 PM 10/15/98 -0400, Lester C. Smalley wrote:
>I looking for information about publishing options for FrameMaker on 
>the Mac platform to pull info from a database.
If you have a Windows platform available, UniMerge from Refined Reports is
IMHO the best solution (price $695 on Windows). Here's how you could use it:

1. Output the database extract as character-delimited or fixed-column ASCII,
and transfer it to the WIN platform.

2. The only FrameMaker file you need on the Windows platform is the report
template you develop for use with UniMerge.

3. UniMerge executes from the MS-DOS command line. When it executes, it
merges the report template with the data extract to produce a MIF file in
which all paragraphs/strings within paragraphs are tagged, and all records
are structured as specified in the report template. It can merge up to 5000
records per minute.

4. Move the MIF file produced in step 3 back to the MAC, open it, and import
into it the formats from the FrameMaker template that contains the final
page layouts and and MAC-compatible formats and fonts. It's then ready to print.

Dan Emory
Dan Emory & Associates
FrameMaker/FrameMaker+SGML Document Design
and Database Publishing Specialists

Voice/Fax: 949-722-8971
E-Mail: danemory@primenet.com
10044 Adams Ave. #208
Huntington Beach, CA 92646

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