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Re: Imported Graphics/Sending files to printer

= Is there a way to automatically copy referenced graphics into each document,
= or at least create a list of the referenced graphics with page number and
= file path?
= Or a better solution all together?
= Thanks,
= Adam

There is no trivial mechanism to simply copy the graphic in (it is possible
to create via the Frame Developer's kit, (US $1000) but will require C programming
and a fair bit of time to implement.

However, it is easy to get a list of the file references:

1. File>Generate
2. Select List and choose "List of References" from the popup menu
3. In the next dialog, chose "Imported Graphics"
4. Click "Generate"

The document created will list the filenames and page numbers by default, 
at least it does under my Solaris (Unix) FrameMaker - ver 5.1 and 5,5,
both in the straight product and the SGML capable packages.

-- Lester
  Lester C. Smalley                    | email:   lsmalley@infocon.com
  Manager, Computer Systems & Training | USMail:  P. O. Box 310
  Information Consultants, Inc.        | Phone:   (302) 239-2942 ext-13
  Hockessin, DE 19707-0310             | FAX:     (302) 239-1712
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