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RE:Imported Graphics

Adam Korman wanted to know:

Is there a way to automatically copy referenced graphics into each
document, or at least
create a list of the referenced graphics with page number and file path?
a better solution all together?

Open your file (book) and select Generate from the File menu
On the subsequent dialog box, select "List" and then "List of References"
Click the Generate button
Move the "Imported Graphics" item from the right (Don't Include) box to the
 Left (Include) by either double-clicking it or by selecting it and then
clicking on the left-pointing arrow.
Click the Generate button.
Format the list as you would a ToC or any other generated list and then

This produces the path, file name, imported resolution and page number

Dennis Hays Information Design
Telephone: 518/477-7570
Facsimile: 518/477-5006

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