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Re: Paragraph usage....

I've frequently seen MIF files offered as a way to solve various 
formatting problems in Frame, some of which I've experienced. But 
is there such a thing as a MIF training course? Do you need to be
a software developer to make sense of them? Of course I've used MIFs
as a transfer file, and I've saved as MIF to iron out apparently
corrupted files.

So I tried Grant's-and-Peter's method on a chapter file where I too
wish to sort out the para tag usage. What I get is a 400-page (!!)
9.6 MB MIF file that takes 5 minutes to open. Admittedly, we use a 
lot of tags, about 200+. Is this size MIF reasonable? It's not very
manageable! I recently convinced the corporate hardware keepers to 
increase the RAM on my Sun, which is why I can now open the MIF at all. 
The attempt used to just crash Frame.

I found the tag definition section, but I can't see how plowing through 
several hundred pages of that is any faster than clicking through 
the chapter files manually and marking off the tags on a checklist. 
What am I missing? Can anyone elaborate? Is this a technique better 
suited to repetitive use than a one-off?

Lili Krezel

On Tue, 13 Oct 1998, Grant wrote:

> Save a copy of the document; in the copy, delete all content, 
> then save as MIF.

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