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Encore Re: Frame on Mac vs. PC

Mac users should also be aware that there is a bug in the Appearance
Manager in OS 8.0/8.1 and this sometimes has an effect on the way text is
drawn on the screen.  It can appear mangled when scrolling.  Not all
versions of Frame are affected to the same extent: v4.x is okay, v5.1.x is
terrible, v5.5.x only moderately bad.  This bug also affects some other
software, including Mathematica from Wolfram Research.  The good news is
that Wolfram wrote a patch for the bug.  It's small and easy to apply.  You
can get it apply and be done with it all in about 3 minutes.  Part of the
message from Wolfram and the URL for the patch appear below this note.

This may be a moot point as of Saturday, when OS 8.5 ships.  OS 8.5 is
supposed to ship with antialiasing of text built into the OS.  It remains
to be seen if it's as good as advertised.

- web

"This MacOS 8 bug resides in the Appearance Extension file. Working in
conjuction with Apple's developers, our developers created a patch
which is now available at the following URL."


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