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Re: Frame on Mac vs. PC

>Watch odd characters in existing documents: Windows and MacOS map
>PostScript differently, so no ligatures in Windows. What appears in the
>Windows document where there were ligatures on the Mac seems to depend on
>how they were entered on the Mac.

Last year I did a job for a client (on my Mac) and then sent the draft in
PDF to them where they printed it from a PC.  The ligatures came out
looking a little off-sized, and their proofreader circled everyone for
pages and pages before giving up and writing a note.  I got quite a chuckle
from this.  And it didn't matter because the camera copy was printed from
my machine.

>Also, I've never been able to get as good a display on a PC as on a Mac,
>despite using a variety of high-end graphics cards and some fine monitors.
>I don't know why this should be.

I'd agree.  Frame documents on a PC just don't look very good compared to
the Mac.  My main client shop just did a wholesale conversion from Mac to
PC and even on 20 inch monitors the documents look bad compred to what they
look like on the Mac.

- web

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