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Re: Frame on Mac vs. PC

>SO, my question is, have any of you gone from all Mac to all PC with Frame? 
>If so, what Frame-specific problems have you encountered?  Do the problems
>vary depending on whether we move to Windows 95, 98 or NT?

We're mixed - have been for a couple of years. No major problems with PCs
and Frame (it's - whatever I may say in the middle of a problem -
brilliantly stable on PC), but some annoyances.

Fonts can be a pig. Make sure your managers buy you Adobe Type Manager de
luxe for Windows. Make sure you buy new copies of all your PostScript Mac
fonts in PC format, from the original vendors (this may take some
discovering). This will solve most of the potential problems.

Win 95 is buggy in general and has problems with printing to high-quality
devices, compared to Mac. But the Adobe printer drivers seem to be getting
much better (don't use Microsoft's PostScript printer drivers, ever).

Fon't use it, but peple round here say NT is much better as a stable
operating system, and much worse for printing from...

Watch odd characters in existing documents: Windows and MacOS map
PostScript differently, so no ligatures in Windows. What appears in the
Windows document where there were ligatures on the Mac seems to depend on
how they were entered on the Mac.

Also, I've never been able to get as good a display on a PC as on a Mac,
despite using a variety of high-end graphics cards and some fine monitors.
I don't know why this should be.


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