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Re: Need frame_list protocol advice

At 8:31 PM -0400 12/10/98, Jay Smith wrote:
>A person found one of my posts in an archive and emailed me directly
>because they had a question that they thought I could answer.
>I answered and posted the reply (with the quoted question) to the
>frame list.
>My reasoning: I am doing what I do in order to help and be helped. You
>gotta give to get. I figured that IF I had a useful and correct answer
>(a big if), it might somehow help somebody else.
>The other party expressed surprise at my action.
>Was I out of bounds?
>Jay Smith

It's too bad that they didn't post the question to the list in the first
place; the whole idea of the list is just that - tap into as many heads as
you can.  But given that you got the question off-list, I'd say that it's
best to ask that person if you can post their question and your answer.
That's not really within the realm of our list protocol.  It's more a part
of general netiquette.  Some people are shy.  Maybe they want to keep
things private.  I guess if you're in doubt it's best to ask, although your
motives for posting were certainly well placed.

- web

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