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Re: Need frame_list protocol advice

Jay Smith wrote:

>A person found one of my posts in an archive and emailed me directly
>because they had a question that they thought I could answer.
>I answered and posted the reply (with the quoted question) to the
>frame list.
>My reasoning: I am doing what I do in order to help and be helped. You
>gotta give to get. I figured that IF I had a useful and correct answer
>(a big if), it might somehow help somebody else.
>The other party expressed surprise at my action.
>Was I out of bounds?

For what it's worth, Jay, I don't think so. Not at all.  But I think I
understand why the other party expressed surprise. It's for the same reason
that some students in class wait until after class to ask the instructor
questions privately. They don't want everyone to know that they don't
understand or know something. It's the same reason that the vast majority of
subscribers to any list lurk rather than contributing. Exposure is really a
very small price to pay for all the otherwise free help and support we get
from the list, but for some of us (including me) it can sometimes feel like
a very high price.

Thanks for being one of the supporters. You done good. We lurkers are the
ones with the problem.


Lynda Simons
Technical Communications Consultant
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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