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Bug in FM5.5.3/Solaris (UNIX?)

In FrameMaker 5.5.3/Solaris, and probably most if not all UNIX
platforms, there is a file that is named incorrectly:


should be 

   fminit/Distillr/Xtras/Distill.upr     (no ".sh")

This file tells Distiller where to look for certain files and
directories, including and especially the ../Startup directory that
contains Distiller configuration files!!!  When the file is misnamed,
Distiller can't find it and uses its default configuration.

I just spent three days tracking down this bug.  Before I finally found
the solution, I had e-mailed and phoned Adobe.  The last technician that
I spoke to about this was very helpful and explained how it "should"
have worked, but no one wanted to bother to TRY it and see that it was
in fact failing.  FrameMaker Support said it was an Acrobat problem and
didn't know what to do, though one of the techs in the group had played
with Acrobat a little.  And Acrobat support didn't want to deal with it
because it was obviously a FrameMaker problem.

Finally, now that I know the solution, I would like to report it to
Adobe but because I have not paid for "CustomerFirst" support, they
don't want to hear from me.  Their loss.

BTW, to change the default compatibility of Distiller from 2.1 to 3.0 --
a step necessary if you want to have a lot of cross references in your
PDF file -- you need to edit the 


file and insert this line:

<<   /CompatibilityLevel 3.000000  >> setdistillerparams

Optionally you can create a new text file inthe same directory and put
the line in that file.  As long as the filename ends with ".ps"
Distiller will read it.


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