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Re: Need frame_list protocol advice


While your motives were pure, you still short-circuited "proper"
listserve procedure by posting to the group without first getting
permission.  You should know that certain individuals are even
seeking legislation (!) that looks to make email "intellectual property"
which would bring it under copyright law.  As such, posting
someone's private email without their express consent could end
up in court, with plaintiffs charging that their rights were violated.
I'm not taking sides on the issue, but I'm keenly interested to see
how this all plays out in the end.  (Note that this would apply
only to PRIVATE email messages and not to messages posted
to "public" forums.)

It might have been better had you given your answer privately and
then informed the party of this and other Internet resources
where a variety of solutions might be found.  This way you allow
the other party to make the choice and don't leave yourself
open to another's "surprise."

This is only my opinion, but it sounds like that's what you
were soliciting.


-- Tom

Jay Smith wrote:

> Hi,
> A person found one of my posts in an archive and emailed me directly
> because they had a question that they thought I could answer.
> I answered and posted the reply (with the quoted question) to the
> frame list.
> My reasoning: I am doing what I do in order to help and be helped. You
> gotta give to get. I figured that IF I had a useful and correct answer
> (a big if), it might somehow help somebody else.
> The other party expressed surprise at my action.
> Was I out of bounds?
> --
> Jay Smith

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