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No Subject

Hello all ye knowledgeable people,

Is there a utility out there somewhere that will analyze a Frame
document and tell me which format tags are being used within the
document (or actually more importantly, which ones are NOT being used).
I downloaded MifMuncher and we tested it, but that only tells us what
the tags are.  While this is important, I would like to know the clients
usage of these tags.

My need is somewhat specific to the industry I am in perhaps.  When we
get Frame files for translation, many times the clients authoring group
has been given an incredible amount of leeway to create and use whatever
tags they feel necessary.  The end result is that we get a set of Frame
files that have sometimes hundreds of tags.  When we then translate
these into Asian, Eastern European, Russian etc. we need to change the
font for each tag.  

It is my general custom to localize the entire tag set (in many cases
create a localized template for each language) for each client whenever
we start a project, however when the client has no perceived control
over the creation and usage of the tags, it seems a little bit of an
over kill to do this (especially when there is no guaranty that there
will not be an entirely new set the next time around).

Can anybody help me?

Steve Schwedland
Digital Publishing Facilitator 
SYKES Enterprises, Incorporated
Worldwide Product Information Development
5757 Central Avenue, Suite G
Boulder, CO 80301
Telephone: (303) 440-0909; ext. 133
Fax: (303) 440-6369

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All I want is solutions and to give help where I can, I don't care about

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