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Re: Paragraph usage....

Save a copy of the document; in the copy, delete all content, 
then save as MIF.

Open the MIF version in a text editor, or, in FrameMaker, File>Open,
highlight the MIF file, while pressing Shift, click Open, to open the
MIF version as MIF code, not as a normal FrameMaker file.

Edit>Find the word catalog. You want to delete everything but the
paragraph catalog section. This is where all paragraph formats are
in full detail. 

Thanks to Peter Gold for this originally....

(Hoping to see some of you at the STC Region 7 conference in Denver
this weekend....)
At 12:09 PM 10/13/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello all ye knowledgeable people,
>Is there a utility out there somewhere that will analyze a Frame
>document and tell me which format tags are being used within the
>document (or actually more importantly, which ones are NOT being
>I downloaded MifMuncher and we tested it, but that only tells us
>the tags are.  While this is important, I would like to know the
>usage of these tags.

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