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Re: Need frame_list protocol advice

Cheryl Acton wrote:

> Still, I don't think that gives me the prerogative
> to use an email address from the list to send an unsolicited question to
> someone privately. (If I did, I could have quite a private support team!)

Interesting take on things, Cheryl.  I honestly had never considered the
possibility that some people might regard sending a private email to
someone who posted publically as impolite or an imposition.  While the
"logical" part of my brain fails to grasp how this could be, the "feeling"
part of my brain understands the validity of your concerns.

I often receive private emails in response to something I've written to
a forum such as this one, to the point where I regard it as an
expected result.  Your note made me realize that some folks might
well view such private mailings with trepidation or  offense, and
might even be the reason some people lurk rather than post.

Yes... most interesting.  I'll have to ponder this some more.


-- Tom
P.S.  I find it just a little ironic that I am answering your note to
a public forum because of where your note was posted, rather
than answering you privately because to do so would invalidate
my stated understanding of your point!

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