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RE: Encore: draft of posting protocol

>I might sugggest, for the Jobs Offered/Sought listings,
>some limit on how often the *same* job can be reposted.  
>Maybe a max of one post a week for recruiters?  

I think that's reasonable.

>For the New Product category, we might want a specific length limit,
>50 lines or 2K... the typical press-release limit.  And I'd be more
>opening up the definition of kind of product; for example, a macro tool
>might not be Frame-specific, but I sure would like to know of it!

The size limitation sounds good to me - I think using a PR as a size
ruler is a good idea. However, I think we should solicit more definitive
info. My experience with PRs is that they tend to be very
MarCom-oriented and thus do not always go into specs we would like to
see. Maybe we should use Trish's email WRT FM5.6.6 as a guideline?

I must admit that I'm leary about getting too open WRT to content, but I
don't have a good compromise to offer yet. TBA, I guess. :-)


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