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RE: Encore: draft of posting protocol

>As to the issue <g>, I'd suggest we do both; link to the STC sites that
>*are* publically available (and list those that aren't, for the benefit
>of STC members who don't know about them), and also allow postings to
>It hasn't been much of a problem here...

I agree with Jeremy's suggestion. Also, there are those who aren't STC
members or aren't familiar with gleaning such info, so these links would
be handy for them as well.

How about links to sites that support other related help lists - such as
the ones for RoboHelp, WinHelp, HTML (there's several guildes, etc.,
available via the web) - as well as the Techwriter List? I think I can
safely generalize that at least half of us framers use FM in conjunction
with producing some sort of online help. If we are to include these
links, then we also should consider including the academic equivalents
(LinguaMOO is one example) since the use of FM is not limited to the
corporate culture.


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