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RE: Why Upgrade to & Some Information About Acrobat 7!

At 12/2/2004 01:02 AM, Saunders, Ian, VF UK - Technology (IS) wrote:
>I'm particularly keen to know if v7 generates PDFs quicker - I have several Word files that I could convert to PDF in less than 5 mins with v5 but they take a minimum of 30-45 mins in v6 (and that's no exaggeration!). For me, the time spent waiting for them to generate would make the upgrade pay for itself on first use.
>Can you cast any light on this?
>Ian Saunders
>Vodafone Ltd.


For better or worse, very little of my use of Acrobat is via
PDFMaker under Word. For simple Microsoft Word PDF creation that
I do, I normally don't need links and bookmarks, etc. I typically
print to the "Adobe PDF" PostScript print driver instance for
creation of PDF from my limited Word documents.

However, from what I have heard from others within Adobe, quite
a bit of work has been successfully done to significantly reduce 
PDFMaker processing overhead in Acrobat 7 (compared to Acrobat 6).

As a data point, I have a 562 page Microsoft Word document, mostly
text with some limited line graphics (i.e., lines around table cells)
that I created PDF file on my notebook computer (1.7 ghz Pentium M
with 1.5 gbyte memory). Printing to "Adobe PDF" required 45 seconds
to generate a PDF file, from the time I pressed "Enter" in Word
until the display of the file in Acrobat 7 Pro. Using PDFMaker,
with NO options for bookmarks, links, or tagging took the same
amount of time from "Enter" until the resultant PDF file displayed
in Acrobat 7 Pro. Using PDFMaker with the default options for
bookmarks (just header styles), links, tagging (including 
accessibility) for this particular file increased the PDF creation
time from 45 seconds to 4 minutes for this particular 562 page 
document. Obviously, the more "bells and whistles" you invoke in 
terms of bookmarks, links, and tagging, the more overhead
you will incur. And of course, YMMV ("your mileage may vary")!

        - Dov

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