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Re: Why Upgrade to & Some Information About Acrobat 7!

At 12/2/2004 10:24 AM, Syed Zaeem Hosain wrote:
>Hi, Dov.
>Dov Isaacs wrote:
>>(The 2 gigabyte PDF file limit was an "implementation
>>limit," not a limit of the file format!) Thus, Acrobat 7 can create and/or save PDF files of any version that
>>can exceed 2 gigabytes in size and are thus, incompatible
>>with any previous version of Acrobat or any existing
>>Adobe application. On the other hand, if you are producing
>>2 gigabyte PDF files, you probably have some other
>>headaches to worry about as well ...  :-) 
>No kidding! :) Was this a serious request from any actual
>user of the product?(!)

Actually, yes!! It was very high amongst the requested features.

Long, color, graphics-intensive publications with high-resolution
images such as you might have with a magazine definitely would
be candidates for this gigantic PDF file size capability.

        - Dov

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