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RE: Why Upgrade to & Some Information About Acrobat 7!

In addition to my earlier concern (below) concerning the absence of
ergonomically preferable keyboard commands for editing and reviewing,
which apparently went only to Dov and not the group, I wonder if 7.0 fixes
the annoying fact in  6.0 that causes the search line to retain the
residuals of the previous search when indeed, a new search is wanted.
For example, I just searched a document for duals, found what I needed,
made the corrections, and began a new search. Alas, "duals" remained on
the search line and required manual deletion and re-insertion of  the
second search term. (Of course I don't notice  until the subsequent search
comes up  empty.)
This is a waste of time; New Search should clear the search line.
Bonnie Britt
Berkeley Editing and Writing

Subject:   	RE: Why Upgrade to & Some Information About Acrobat 7!
From:   	bonnie_britt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date:   	Thu, December 2, 2004 10:12 am
To:   	"Dov Isaacs" <isaacs@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi Dov,
Does  7.0 include friendly keyboard commands for editing, reviewing and
The heavy editing I do using Acrobat 6.0 commands requires way too much
repetitious mousing for any expectation of holding down carpal tunnel
Bonnie Britt
Berkeley Editing and Writing

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