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Re: Why Upgrade to & Some Information About Acrobat 7!


Color Chameleon performs at least two functions by preprocessing
the PostScript prior to distillation. It can convert RGB color to
CMYK and it can map certain RGB combinations into spot colors.

The capability of creating CMYK PDF from RGB PostScript is now
a function within Distiller for Acrobat 7 Pro and no extra step
is at all involved. However, the function of mapping certain
defined RGB combinations into spot colors is not available with
the Distiller. If you are using spot colors in FrameMaker and 
want those to remain in the resultant PDF, you will need a product
such as Color Chameleon or Enfocus Pitstop. The latter can covert 
to spot colors after distillation.

        - Dov

At 12/2/2004 05:32 AM, Jay Rush wrote:
>I agree with TechComm Dood. Excellent summary. Right now, I'm most
>interested in your fifth point.
>(5) Acrobat 7 Pro's Distiller provides the capability to properly
>convert FrameMaker's RGB PostScript into CMYK PDF at distillation
>time via joboptions without the need of any third party programs
>or Acrobat post-processing plug-ins. (Still no simple way to handle
>spot color without such Acrobat post-processing plug-ins such as
>Pitstop!) You can even produce a valid PDF/X-1a file directly
>from FrameMaker via the "save as PDF" feature!!
>We started doing marcom stuff in addition to techcomm stuff a few years
>ago, and because we're most skilled in Frame and because we wanted to
>single-source content as much as possible, we do our glossy data sheets,
>catalog, and fluffy guides and brochures in Frame as well. So, we deal
>with the RGB thing. We purchased Colour Chameleon (CC) to fix our colors,
>and we love it. It's an extra step, but it's well worth it.
>So put on your "marketing shill" hat and tell me why, if I upgrade to
>Acrobat 7, I then won't need to get the latest Acrobat 7 compatible
>version of CC. (Hey, we'll probably upgrade to 7 anyway, give it a try,
>and if we then think we need or want CC, we'll get it, too, but I'm hoping
>you can shed some light on the RGB to CMYK/Pantone features and how they
>compare to CC.)
>Thanks in advance,

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