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Re: framers digest: February 07, 2004

At 2/10/2004 06:33 AM, eric.dunn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>Steve Rickaby <srickaby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on 02/10/2004 
>05:37:31 AM:
>> I've now taken the trouble to read the Acrobat 6 help on PPDs, where
>> it says quite clearly that the PPD for Ps -> PDF (and by 
>> implication,
>> -> print) should be chosen to match the final output 
>> device: I quote:
>> 'Because so many advanced printing features depend on the PPD for
>> information, its important to set up the correct PPD before you
>> print'. (Reference: Acrobat 6.0.1 in-line help, index, PPD ->
>> defined).
>Well I'd like to see Dov comment, because your interpretation of the 
>Acrobat Help files contradicts what Dov has been saying and my 
>understanding of PDF. As I don't have Acrobat installed on my work machine 
>currently, I can't check the help file easily.
>I don't understand why the PDF needs to be produced with a PPD that 
>supports any "advanced printing features" because you are NOT printing. 
>You're only printing and dependant on printer features once you print the 
>PDF from Reader or Acrobat.
>I DO think your (and many other's) interpretation (of the cryptic help) is 
>erroneous. The quote you provide is about printing and setting up a 
>printer instance with a PPD and the PS installer, not creating PS for 
>Eric L. Dunn
>Senior Technical Writer


I opened up the Acrobat 6 Help files and searched for all mention of
PPD files.

Page 76 of the Acrobat 6 Help file specifically discourages use of other
PPD files to produce PDF:

?       Color and custom page sizes are available if you use the 
        PPD file that comes with Acrobat Distiller 6.0. Choosing a 
        PPD from some other printer may result in PDF documents that
        do not contain appropriate color, font, or page size information. 

All other references to PPD files in the Help file relate to their use in
PRINTING FROM ACROBAT, not for generation of PostScript from applications 
for subsequent distillation into PDF files.

My recommendations are fully consistent with all documentation from Adobe
and still stand!

        - Dov

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