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Re: framers digest: February 07, 2004

At 2/9/2004 10:58 AM, Steve Rickaby wrote:
>At 10:13 am -0800 9/2/04, Dov Isaacs wrote:
>>Adobe vehemently does not support Mr. Donnellon's recommendation
>>with regards to use of Apple LaserWriter IINTX or generic Adobe PostScript
>>printer drivers with Adobe Acrobat Distiller!
>So what *does* it support, then? ;-) (sorry)
>My main print shop advises creating Ps for PDF using a PPD matched to *their* output device (which in this case is a Linotype Herkules 330J) - and of course to embed all fonts. We've not had problems, and we've done half a dozen books together.
>(Whatever Dov says, the LaswerWriter IINTX was a damn fine and rugged old printer. Mine's just broken after 14 years service :-( I agree over the NTX PPD though.)


(1) You are correct. The LaserWriter IINTX was a very fine
laser printer for its time, 14 years ago.

(2) I was wrong. The LaserWriter IINTX was actually a PostScript
Level 1 device. In fact, some current PostScript drivers won't
even work with it because they only begin support with PostScript
Level 2.

(3) Adobe supports PDF generation using the Acrobat Distiller PPD
that ships with Acrobat. Installation of Acrobat (or Distiller
when bundled with products) generates a PostScript printer driver
instance labeled "Adobe PDF" (Acrobat 6) that is associated with
the Acrobat Distiller PPD.

(4) Your "main print shop" has more luck than sense with its advise
vis-a-vis using a PPD for PDF creation that matches the final output
device. PDF is supposed to be final device-independent. The device
PPD is used by Acrobat to print the PDF file from Acrobat to such
a device. Amazing what bubbameisers are out there!

        - Dov 

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