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Re: framers digest: February 07, 2004

Actually, this is NOT prudent advice! The LaserWriter II NTX
was a monochrome PostScript Level 2 printer with large, unprintable
margins, 300 dpi, support for 35 fonts, and very few defined page sizes
with very limited flexibility for custom page size definition.
Using a PPD for that printer (or for the similar "generic PostScript
printer") with the driver to create PostScript can and will cause
the following problems, amongst others:

(1) PostScript Level 2 instead of PostScript 3. PDF 1.3 and greater
is based on PostScript 3. Efficiency problems will occur!

(2) Loss of content in margins.

(3) Color images and possibly other artwork may come out in grayscale
instead of color.

(4) Depending upon the application, 300 dpi could cause some layout
anomalies or re-layout (especially if this imprudent advise is used
in conjunction with Microsoft Office applications).

(5) Font problems since the PPD for these printers includes support
for fonts that are not provided by the Distiller and might not be
installed on the users' systems.

(6) Lack of flexibility in creating PDF files other than for some
limited pre-defined sizes.

Remember, PostScript from most applications and drivers is device-DEPENDENT!
PostScript for distillation should only be created with driver/PPD
combinations specifically for the version of the Distiller in use.

Adobe vehemently does not support Mr. Donnellon's recommendation
with regards to use of Apple LaserWriter IINTX or generic Adobe PostScript
printer drivers with Adobe Acrobat Distiller!

        - Dov

At 2/8/2004 10:17 AM, Charles wrote:
>I noticed that some of you are having problems with
>pdf and ps files. As a printer, I see all kinds of
>issues usually related to fonts or corrupt graphics. I
>find that using a postscript print to file (adobe or
>Apple Laserwriter II NTX) and then using distiller to
>create the pdf is almost always successful. That's
>what I advise my clients and I rarely have problems.
>If you view the pdf file and it's correct then it is
>going to print correct 99.9% of the time (WYSIWYG).
>Proof your pdf because there is never anytime to do it
>up front, but there is always time to do it over.
>Charles Donnellon
>ABCO Inc.
>Dallas, TX

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