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RE: Seeking Cyrillic font advice

Hi, Stuart.

You could use the same copy of Verdana/Lucida standard fonts you have used
for English version of your manual.

All required Cyrillic characters live inside the same copies of
Verdana/Lucida TrueType/OpenType fonts.

========cut here========
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Tahoma CYR,204"="Tahoma,204"
"Lucida Sans Unicode CYR,204"="Lucida Sans Unicode,204"
"Lucida Console CYR,204"="Lucida Console,204"

"Tahoma Cyr,0"="Tahoma,204"
"Lucida Sans Unicode Cyr,0"="Lucida Sans Unicode,204"
"Lucida Console Cyr,0"="Lucida Console,204"
========cut here========

Copy / paste this text to Notepad. Save it as text file with Unicode
encoding and *.reg extension. Double click on this file.
The Alarm "Are you sure you want to add ...to the registry?" will appear.
Select "Yes". Reboot. Take a look on the list of available fonts in

We hope this helps.
PS. Have in view TrueType at this time is also a part of PostScript so there
are not serious reasons to prefer Type 1 against TrueType.

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Subject: Seeking Cyrillic font advice

I write my manuals in English in FM 7.0 (WinXP) and they are translated to
Russian in-house and given back to me as MS Word docs. I've been able to
import the text into FM and apply my template by first saving the .doc as
.rtf and then opening the file from FM.

However, the fonts I've used for my English versions do not work for
Cyrillic, and I've had to change my tags to use Times Roman CYR instead of
Lucida Bright for headings, and Arial CYR instead of Verdana for the body. I
don't much care for the look of either of these fonts, and wonder if anyone
has advice on alternatives that would have the same visual impact as
Lucida/Verdana. Or better, advice on typical fonts or font characteristics
(i.e., serif, non-serif, weight, angle, etc.) for headings and body that
Russian readers would expect.

Any help appreciated,

Stuart Rogers
Technical Communicator
Phoenix Geophysics Limited
Toronto, ON, Canada
+1 (416) 491-7340 x 325


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