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About "missing fonts"...


Having recently been made aware of this list, (and enjoying the digest
immensely) I am submitting my first question to you all for your input.
It's about that olde bugaboo-- retaining the fonts in Frame files moved from
one OS to another (Mac to Windows).

The background:  I've installed FrameMaker 7 on both Windows XP and Mac OS 9
computers.  I've also installed Type 1 fonts (from Adobe) on both.  (Type 1,
not OpenType or any other type.)

The plan:  If I encounter problems in production work on the main machine
(Mac OS), I'd transfer the files to the PC and see if I can get my work

The goal: to produce bullet-proof Acrobat files and print-ready PostScript
from our various books.

The problem's origin:  Using "ancient" legacy files (from Frame 4 and 5 on
Mac OS), the writers have updated and added new content (using Frame 6 and 7
on Mac OS X/Classic OS 9.2.)  I tried to screen out the old fonts with new
font references throughout (including Reference pages).

The problem's gist:  I try to open copies of the files in Windows
FrameMaker, and the "missing fonts/replace with existing fonts?" alert
dialog box appears.

My plaintive cry:  However do I find and fix these "missing" fonts?

Note:  I've ransacked Body, Reference and Master pages, and turned Tables
inside out.  I did save one file as MIF, but had *NO* idea what I was
looking at.  There were bogus references to legacy fonts, but I had no idea
what to cut and what NOT to cut.  (I suspect the MIF files might be the
trick, but working with them is no treat for a novice MIF-er like myself.)

Your help would be much appreciated!

-- John Milligan
Production Arts
FileMaker, Inc.

My systems:
1) Mac G3, OS 9.1, FrameMaker 7, various Adobe Type 1 fonts, TIFF screen
shots, EPS concept art
2) PC, WinXP, FrameMaker 7, etc. etc. (see above) 

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