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Re: general font complaint, no response needed

"Times New Roman PS MT" is the internal name (i.e., inside the
font) used for the Times New Roman font installed by Windows.
It doesn't show by that name on the font menus, but programs
can see that name!

Again, the issue isn't the fonts assigned to the hidden cells
as much as the fact that you have styles that access that font
by default.

        - Dov

At 11/13/2003 11:58 AM, T. Word Smith wrote:
>The problem was that the font hidden there was "Times
>New Roman PS MT." 
>Whereas, I don't ever use that one. I use Times New
>And, agreed, I did not install Times New Roman. Times
>New Roman is not missing from either PC. However,
>Times New Roman PS MT is missing from the one PC.
>The problem with the hidden cells was that they, by
>default for some reason, assigned Times New Roman PS
>MT to the empty paragraph, which generated a font
>error on the PC that did not have the PS MT version
>and, when I tried a fix, I could not change the tag or
>font assigned to those hidden cells without going into
>the MIF in ASCII.
>--- Dov Isaacs <isaacs@adobe.com> wrote:
>> T:
>> Actually, Times New Roman is the default font for
>> FrameMaker 6
>> and 7 under Windows. I am sure you never personally
>> installed
>> Times New Roman on your system, but it is one of the
>> system fonts
>> of all versions of Windows since Windows 3.1. Since
>> it is the
>> one of the few fonts that Adobe can assume is
>> actually on your
>> system, it is used as the default font and the
>> default value
>> for all predefined paragraph styles. You obviously
>> can redefine
>> the font used in styles and use a template document
>> after that.
>> If you have a Windows system that is missing Times
>> New Roman,
>> you will probably see many more problems than a
>> missing font with
>> FrameMaker.
>> What is the problem with the hidden table cells? It
>> allows you
>> to retrieve the values if "un-straddle" the cells?
>> In this particular situation, it is not believed
>> that there is a 
>> "bug" here that needs to be fixed?
>The bug that I feel needs to be fixed is for folks
>like me to be able to fix missing font errors in the
>GUI without having to use the MIF in an ASCII editor.
>I do appreciate that FM warns me of missing fonts, but
>I do *need* a way to subsequently deal with them.
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