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Re: general font complaint, no response needed


Actually, Times New Roman is the default font for FrameMaker 6
and 7 under Windows. I am sure you never personally installed
Times New Roman on your system, but it is one of the system fonts
of all versions of Windows since Windows 3.1. Since it is the
one of the few fonts that Adobe can assume is actually on your
system, it is used as the default font and the default value
for all predefined paragraph styles. You obviously can redefine
the font used in styles and use a template document after that.

If you have a Windows system that is missing Times New Roman,
you will probably see many more problems than a missing font with

What is the problem with the hidden table cells? It allows you
to retrieve the values if "un-straddle" the cells?

In this particular situation, it is not believed that there is a 
"bug" here that needs to be fixed?

        - Dov

At 11/13/2003 08:13 AM, T. Word Smith wrote:
>I found by accident that when I straddle cells, the
>two cells are not actually merged. The second becomes
>subordinate to hte first and has an invisible and
>undeletable paragraph tag within it.
>The problem is, this tag gets assigned Times New Roman
>PS MT--which, btw, is not a font I *ever* installed.
>But, my PC has this font and the PC I'm testing on
>does not.
>So, initially, an index of references > fonts found
>these hidden paragraphs. And, I assigned a tag to them
>that used regular TNR. But, that didn't fix the
>problem and I had to go MIF diving to remove the
>error. That is *wrong.*
>And, why does TNR PS MT get chosen as the default for
>these pseudo-straddled, pseudo-hidden cells?
>Adobe needs to clean up FrameMaker's act in this
>regard. I assume it's one of the things they've
>diligently fixed in the forthcoming release.

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