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SOLVED Re: MML Include/Import Problems


Problem solved. Due to a mess-up on my part, an MML keyword was 
accidentally being redefined.  MML does not like that.



Jay Smith said the following on 11/13/2003 11:31 AM:
> Hi,
> Of the 65,000 messages in my personal Framers groups archive, only about 
> 25 have "MML" in the subject -- either nobody uses it or it always works.
> However, I am going nuts trying to solve a problem that does not seem to 
> want to be solved.
> I am on Framemaker 5.56 on Windows 95.
> I am trying to create a single Frame document from multiple MML 
> documents. The multiple MML documents are in a directory *structure*; 
> they are not all in one directory.  The includes cascade; file include 
> files which include files.
> I have tried dozens of combinations of methods and I can never quite get 
> the correct result.  I CAN get the include path right for importing, but 
> not for tagging.
> The following directory structure is ONE OF those I have tried.
> /u/frame/test/Master.mml
> /u/frame/test/TagsDefined.mml
> /u/frame/test/Lists/
> /u/frame/test/Lists/Aland/AlandTOC.mml
> /u/frame/test/Lists/Aland/ContentFile-1.mml
> /u/frame/test/Lists/Aland/ContentFile-2.mml
> /u/frame/test/Lists/Aland/ContentFile-3.mml
> Master.mml includes "TagsDefined.mml" and "Lists/Aland/AlandTOC.mml"
> AlandTOC.mml includes "Lists/Aland/ContentFile-1.mml"
> I had to experiment a lot with the pathnames, but it seems that if the 
> FM document and the Master.mml document are in the same directory, then 
> the pathnames such as "Lists/Aland/ContentFile-1.mml" are correct.
> When I import into to my FM document (/u/frame/test/test.fm) Master.mml, 
> I *can* get all the content to import.
> However, in the FM document, only the content coming from AlandTOC.mml 
> is correctly tagged.  The content coming from files included by 
> AlandTOC.mml is NOT correctly tagged -- it all has the tagging of the 
> last paragraph in AlandTOC.mml.
> Another twist to this which I don't understand is that my database 
> output guy apparently came up with a statment in the TagsDefined.mml file
>    <!DefineTag !DefineTag >
> When this statement is present, ALL the content including the 
> "Lists/Aland/ContentFile-1.mml" content DOES come in to the FM file. 
> However, the lower-level content is not properly tagged in FM (as 
> described above).  If I remove the <!DefineTag !DefineTag > statement 
> from TagsDefined.mml, then the content from the lower level files does 
> NOT COME IN at all -- only the content from Master.mml comes in.  I have 
> tried moving the <!DefineTag !DefineTag > statement in TagsDefined.mml 
> around (up and down in the file) with varying results.  I am not sure 
> what it is doing  or why it is doing it.
> When I originally tested the concept of including files that include 
> files that include files, I failed to test including a "TagsDefined.mml" 
> file that defines the paragraph tags.  I was focusing on getting the 
> paths correct.
> I seem to have the paths correct, but the tag definitions are simply not 
> working.  YES, I do have the tagnames defined in my FrameMaker document 
> and YES, I have them spelled correctly, etc.
> In the FrameMaker console window, I am also getting some error messages 
> which simply don't make sense to me:
> MML Import Error: Junk at end of command: 'Default-Description-3 '.
> Default-Description-3 is one of my tagnames [don't ask].  What does this 
> MML import error refer to?  I have removed any possible junk from the 
> files, etc., etc.   The mml files are being generated on a Red Hat linux 
> 8 system and have 8859-1 encoding.  The FrameMaker is on a Windows 95 
> machine.  I have tried running "unixtodos" on the mml files to deal with 
> potential line-ending differences, but that seemed to have no effect.
> Any ideas?????
> Jay

Jay Smith

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