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Re: TIP: Including a forced return (line break) in the autonumbering

Yves and others:

> I considered this option too, but then I'll have to resize
> each small text frame, depending on the length of the
> chapter number. Chapter 1, e.g., will need a narrower text
> frame than Chapter 44.

> But, in the mean time, I found another solution: I left my
> text frame "as is", but I added ordinary spaces after
> <$chapnum> in my autonumbering syntax. How many? Just as
> many until they "push" the actual text of my chapter title
> to the next line, "faking" a line break.

I missed the earlier part of this discussion, but I am assuming that you
want the chapter number to be in one place and the chapter title to be
elsewhere, while keeping both in a single paragraph. Here is another
variant on your method.

1    Create a text frame big enough to contain your biggest chapter number.

2    Create another text frame for the title text.  (You can do neat
things, like arranging them vertically or tilting one with respect to

3    In the autonumber, add a tab ('\t') just after <$chapnum>.

4    In the para designer, create a left tab that fall just on the boundary
of the small text frame for the number.

5    Apply a chap heading in the small text frame. The chapter title should
be pushed over to the next text frame.  If it isn't add an em quad ('\sm')
after the tab ('\t') in the autonumber.

You might have to fool around with ordinary spaces after the em quad, e.g.
'\sm ', but with tweaking you can get the behaviour you want.  (This
strategem used to work fine in FM 3 to 5 but broke somewhere in 5.5.x, so
that instead of forcing the title text over, it wanted to run back into the
number text frame, hence the extra \sm and ordinary spaces.)

Alternatively, if you want to use the two paragraph method and have xrefs
still work okay, try this xref format:

     Chapter <paranum[ChapNumParaFmt]>, <paratext>, on page\ <$pagenum>

Point the xref to the ChapTitleParaFmt that follows the ChapNumParaFmt and
the xref will display correctly:

     see Chapter 9, How to refer to split chapter titles, on page 78

In the TOC reference frame, define ChapNumParaFmtTOC as a run-in heading or
sideheading, with builders something like:

     Chapter <paranumonly>


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