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Re: file size problem


Whether you import TIFF, BMP, JPEG, or MOUSE as an image format
into FrameMaker is irrelevant as long as the underlying images
have the same resolution, dimensions, and content!

FrameMaker decompresses whatever you provide for purposes of
display and print (which PDF creation really is).

Everything else the same, it is the PDF joboptions that control
the ultimate size of the PDF file with regards to image downsampling
and compression.

In your case, assuming that the .BMP and .JPG files were of the
exact same content, it is possible that in producing JPEG from 
the .BMP files, you introduced image artifacts that in fact made
the image more complex for purposes of compression later in

        - Dov

At 11/4/2003 07:59 AM, dlevy@boscom.com wrote:
>Good day.
>I'm working in FM 7.
>I've been updating my .pdf using the File > Save book as > .pdf option.
>After the .pdf is produced, I collapse the bookmarks with a Planet PDF
>plug-in, readjust the Document Properties > Open Options, and Save.  (If I
>don't readjust the Open Options, Save is disabled.)
>I just went through two chapters of the document and replaced about 25 large
>.bmps with .jpgs.  I expected that the resulting .pdf would be quite
>smaller.  Instead, it's bigger.
>I repeated the process without making any changes and, surprise, the
>resulting .pdf is slightly bigger again.
>I tried Save as instead of Save. No change.
>I must be storing some kind of document history somewhere, but I don't know
>if it's in FrameMaker, in Acrobat, or in my Distiller properties.
>Suggestions please.
>David Levy

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