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RE: Facts about FM from FrameUsers conf? -- sb long reply

Lester wrote:

Regarding Conditional Text handling - this will be implemented by
embedding markers and processing instructions into the document.
Something like this, I expect:

"Start of Condition" and "End of Condition" markers internal to the
structured document in FM will be converted to appropriate PI's in XML
(and SGML one could assume?) so they can survive round tripping the
file.  I looked back to my notes, and it is not completely clear to me
if hidden content is included or not in the save/export, but I think so.
In any case, the condition information is preserved though the marker/PI

I add:

In addition to this, users who don't want the conditional content
exported (for example, no content conditionalized as "comments" should
be in the XML file that is delivered) I would presume that you can use
Read/Write rules to drop elements with a specific condition applied to
it. Even if not, you can definitely write some Framescript or even
manually delete the condition if need be.

This means we can work with conditions as required, but always have a
way to throw them out if not needed.

Even now we can use Framescript and a bit of fancy attribute tagging to
apply conditions to content as soon as we pull whateverML into Frame so
the support being added is nice, but not a brainbuster in its complexity
or feature set.

As is often the case, most of this is my wild speculation and has
nothing to do with any official word from Adobe. In addition, I ask you
to insert a witty quip after my sign off as I'm just way too tired to
come up with one all by myself.

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