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RE: Facts about FM from FrameUsers conf? -- sb long reply

Thanks Sean, for confirming many of my items and adding several.  I'd missed the JPEG 2000 info, XML Cross-References, and WebWorks 2003 in particular.

Regarding Conditional Text handling - this will be implemented by embedding markers and processing instructions into the document.  Something like this, I expect:

"Start of Condition" and "End of Condition" markers internal to the structured document in FM will be converted to appropriate PI's in XML (and SGML one could assume?) so they can survive round tripping the file.  I looked back to my notes, and it is not completely clear to me if hidden content is included or not in the save/export, but I think so.  In any case, the condition information is preserved though the marker/PI mechanism.  

-- Lester
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1) PageMaker, Quark (3.3 to 4), PhotoShop, and JPEG
2000 import (Illustrator was also mentioned, but 7.0
already does that).

2) Real SVG import. (It's not rasterized any more).

3) Cross-references from one XML doc to another are now
supported and Save as XML is fixed.

4) My notes are muddy on this, but I think conditions are
handled better in XML (previously hidden conditions and
their content were not exported, now they are but not as
elements, perhaps as attributes-again, my notes are unclear).




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