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file size problem

Good day.
I'm working in FM 7.

I've been updating my .pdf using the File > Save book as > .pdf option.
After the .pdf is produced, I collapse the bookmarks with a Planet PDF
plug-in, readjust the Document Properties > Open Options, and Save.  (If I
don't readjust the Open Options, Save is disabled.)
I just went through two chapters of the document and replaced about 25 large
.bmps with .jpgs.  I expected that the resulting .pdf would be quite
smaller.  Instead, it's bigger.

I repeated the process without making any changes and, surprise, the
resulting .pdf is slightly bigger again.

I tried Save as instead of Save. No change.
I must be storing some kind of document history somewhere, but I don't know
if it's in FrameMaker, in Acrobat, or in my Distiller properties.

Suggestions please.

David Levy

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