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Re: epsi import looks black, prints OK

Bob Niland wrote:
> > Fred Ma <fma@doe.carleton.ca> wrote:
> > I print my line art to distiller PS, I then distill
> > it to PDF.  Then I use ghostscript's pdf2ps to
> > convert back to ps.  Finally, I use ps2epsi as
> > above to get an EPSI file.
> On Windows, you can select "EPS" in the
> PostScript setup submenus for the print
> driver. Then print to a *.eps file and
> work with it directly. One page at a time,
> however.
> I often do this for FM vector art I want
> to edit in Illustrator, then re-import to
> a Frame document as .EPS.

Hi, Bob,

I don't have access to illustrator.

Most of the time, I have access to solaris
FM, though I can hunt down people that
have windows FM.  I tried EPS output, as
well as optimization for speed/portability.
Speed/portability doesn't seem to make
any difference, but EPS output gives me a
gray box when imported.  That's fine, if I
can get away without seeing the content,
but the bounding box is *way* too big, and
solid white (thus hiding anything behind
it).  Sometimes, I can live with bringing
it to the back, but such a big bounding
box makes resizing the content itself very

When I tried windows, I found I had to push
it through windows distiller.  I tried both
Acrobat 3.0 and 4.0 compatibility.  Under
the advanced tab, no options were selected
in the Options sectin, and the only DSC option
selected for processing was to resize and
center.  According to the help, that puts
the bounding box around the outmost items of
the content.  I tried both pdf2ps and acroread
to convert back to PS for the purpose of
pushing it through ps2epsi.  Depending on the
exact combination, sometimes I get a good
preview for the graphic import, but blank printout.
Sometimes, I get a black box for graphic import,
but it apparently prints out OK to a PS file
(using the Distiller PS driver).  *But* it only
appears OK using ghostscript.  It doesn't convert
to PDF OK using either distiller or ps2pdf (page
is blank).  Even under gv (a variant of ghostview
on solaris), I see blank for the PS output after
importing the EPSI.

I've resorted to using screen captures.  This is
sad.  And the baffling thing is that in the past,
I just exported line art to PS and used ps2epsi.
It worked beautifully.  Maybe that's before FM
was upgraded to version 6.


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