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epsi import looks black, prints OK


I think this might be a ghostscript problem,
but hoping someone can offer a more sure

I've drawn a line art diagram using framemaker 6.
I have to resize everything, and I want the arrow
heads and line thicknesses to resize accordingly.
So grabbing the grouped objects by the corner
handle won't work.  Instead, I export to 
Distiller PS and apply ps2epsi to 
convert to EPSI; ps2epsi uses Gnu's ghostscript 7.05.
When I import into FM, the import looks all black.
When I print it out (again to Distiller PS), the page
is blank.

The next trick works, but is far from ideal.  When
I print my line art to distiller PS, I then distill
it to PDF.  Then I use ghostscript's pdf2ps to
convert back to ps.  Finally, I use ps2epsi as
above to get an EPSI file.  This still looks black
when imported into FM, but it printed output looks
OK (again, printing to distiller PS).  It also lets
me do what I originally want, which is to grab and
drag the corner handles of the imported EPSI, and
have everything resize (including arrow heads and
line widths).  However, I can't see the imported
picture because it's black.

One can blame ps2epsi because the problem seems to
be a black preview facet.  Is there anything I can
do to make it better?  I even tried converting the
EPSI to PDF so that it can be visible when imported.
However, neither distiller nor ps2pdf will accept
the EPSI file.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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