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Paragraph spacing dependent on width of anchored frame?!

Hi all,

I'm running FM 7.0p578 on Windows XP SP 1.

The paragraph tag I apply to my figure captions has fixed line spacing of
0.0 pt, with space above set to 6.0 pt. My figure captions always follow an
anchored frame (in its own paragraph). My pages are designed with a
side-head column and main body column.

When the anchored frame is narrower than the main body column, the spacing
between the bottom of the anchored frame and the figure caption matches the
definition in the Paragraph Designer. However, when the anchored frame is
wider than the main body column (in other words, when it spans across the
columns), the figure caption appears below the anchored frame with no space
between them.

I've experimented with both space above and line spacing settings: I've been
able to insert a space by setting line spacing to 12.5 pt (which increases
the space below the caption to an unacceptable level). By increasing the
space above to 18.0 pt, I'm again able to insert a space between the caption
and the anchored frame, but this also increases the space above in "normal"
(narrow frame) circumstances. Both of these options are not acceptable

I'm led to conclude that the spacing for a paragraph that follows an
anchored frame is dependent on whether that anchored frame is narrower or
wider than the column in which it appears.

Somebody, please prove me wrong!

Andrew Becraft
Technical Writer
A Cendant Company

P: 206.973.4274
F: 206.973.4333


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