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Re: A/B/C Index links in a PDF

There are a few things you can do.

Each of the GroupTitlesIX paragraphs contains a newlink hyperlink 
marker, of the form "newlink A", "newlink B", etc.. These will always be 
there, so you can add "gotolink A", etc. hyperlinks to your index. You 
can add these at the beginning of the index file or on the master pages 
for the index.

Another thing you can do is add the GroupTitlesIX paragraphs to your PDF 
bookmarks. If you add them in the PDF setup for the index file, then 
they should be included when you create a PDF for the book.

Let me know if you need any more details,


dlevy@boscom.com wrote:

>I have a 300 page PDF with a six page, two column index.  The Index bookmark
>links to the first page of the index.  To find the first letter of an entry,
>for example, SQL, the reader has to scroll through 5 pages of the index.
>I'd like to preface the index with links to the location of each of the
>letters of the alphabet.  I've done this in an HTML index and I find
>it useful.


Ian Hawkins
Sundorne Communications
   Writing for technology . . . technology for writing

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