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Un-asked for formatting at end of text insert

I have some front matter boilerplate I use as text insert throughout our
doxet. The section begins with a front matter heading paratag, which I use
in the TOCs. The tag definition includes specifying 'body' as the next tag.

Trouble is, in each document in which the insert appears, somehow a blank
line gets inserted below the insert and it's formatted as the heading. The
result is that in the TOC a blank entry gets made.

I have tried eliminating this return character, or reformatting it as Body
so as to avoid this blank TOC entry. But nothing fixes the problem.
Wondering if anyone might have a solution...

Bart Windrum
GUI Fit&Finish and Documentation
Diogenes Inc.
Denver Colorado USA

720 210 1011 direct
720 904 2321 main
720 904 9032 fax

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