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A/B/C Index links in a PDF

Good day.
I'm working in FrameMaker 7.
I have a 300 page PDF with a six page, two column index.  The Index bookmark
links to the first page of the index.  To find the first letter of an entry,
for example, SQL, the reader has to scroll through 5 pages of the index.
I'd like to preface the index with links to the location of each of the
letters of the alphabet.  I've done this in an HTML index and I find
it useful.
Can I do this one time in FrameMaker (I'm assuming the only way to do this
is as 26 cross-references) and preserve the A/B/C index links when I update
the book and redistill the PDF?  Or, somewhere between the Update Book and
the Save As PDF command, will my Index links be deleted?

David Levy
"The Radicals who used to advocate, as an indispensable preliminary to
social reform, the strangling of the last king with the entrails of the last
priest, substituted compulsory vaccination for compulsory baptism without a
murmur."   GB Shaw

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