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RE: Who are these people? -- suspect ad associated with www.buyus a.com

OK, folks ...

I don't know how you think that the "registration information for the
domain name" (www.buysusa.com) is a "U.S. Department of Commerce" site.

The following is the registration information for that domain:

        WhoIs Results for buysusa.com

        Contact Type Registrant
        Organization Name:      Biometricscience.com 
        First Name:             Danny 
        Last Name:              Ferrer 
        Address 1:              8812 Moore Rd 
        Address 2:  
        City:                   lakeland 
        StateProvince:          Fl 
        PostalCode:             33809 
        Country:                US 
        Phone:                  863-859-2359 
        Fax:                    863-859-2359 
        EmailAddress:           admin@biometricscience.com

The "technical", "billing", and "administrative" contact information
for this domain is the same. And surprisingly enough, the phone number
matches that on the web site, which of course is never directly answered.

This says nothing about the "U.S. Department of Commerce". I got my
registration info by going to InterNic at <http://www.internic.net/whois.html>
which referred me to the actual registrar for that particular domain
who is eNom, Inc. from which you get that actual registration information
at <http://www.enom.com/domains/whois.asp>.

Clear as mud, right?

In any case, to repeat, if you deal with this "BuysUSA.com" outfit, you
are not getting kosher goods, assuming you ever get anything at all.

        - Dov

At 9/5/2003 09:15 AM, Susan Boundy-Sanders wrote:
>Rita and fellow framers:
>Hold on a sec -- www.buyusa.com bills itself as a U.S. Department of
>Commerce site, and the registration information for the domain name appears
>to back it up. I'm cc'ing the registrant for the domain name to give him a
>chance to explain.
>Note: Remember the mini-cam spam a few months ago? That domain had
>transparently fake registration info. This one's at least got the veneer of
>respectability, though I agree the prices are still suspect. Worst case
>scenario might be that we get the Department of Commerce's help in tracking
>down a bootlegger.
>Susan Boundy-Sanders


>-----Original Message-----
>From: Mary Rita Muller [mailto:rmuller@morrowcorp.com]
>Sent: Friday, September 05, 2003 8:26 AM
>To: framers@FrameUsers.com
>Subject: Who are these people?
>Thanks to all for confirming my exact thought. This is spam!
>Somehow, I don't get a lot of spam so I have a hard time recognizing it.
>(No kidding, you say ;-).
>Thanks to Larry Kollar for supplying the direct link so I can report this
>to Adobe. He wrote: >>Yes, I'm feeling a bit cranky today, despite a
>pleasant motorcycle ride to work this morning, but my answer
>would be the same regardless of my disposition.<< 
>Larry, I didn't take this suggestion as cranky at all. You may be
>suffering from Fridayitis and just need a weekend of more pleasant motorcy
>riding, eh? ;-)
>Personally, I'd never buy bootleg. I hate s/w piracy, it's the scourge of
>the industry. I have co-workers who download bootleg all the time from the
>web, but my ethics stop me dead. What if one needed support from the
>originating company? What would one do?
>Happy, happy weekend to one and all,


>Original post:
>Are any of you out there receiving emails for Adobe s/w from
>www.buysusa.com? If so, who are they? Here is a list directly from the
>email they sent to me. The prices seem ridiculously low and border on the
>"too good to be true" side. Any thoughts?
>How about you Dov, and any other Adobe people monitoring this list? Don't
>know about you, but these kind of offers scare me. Do I have reason to be?
>I need to upgrade my Acrobat at home and you're suggestions are much
>>>All of our software is brand new and 
>factory sealed. All full versions not 
>upgrades. All with original licenses. 
>Order now while supplies last
>Photoshop 7.0         $49.99
>Go Live 6.5           $49.99 
>Premiere 6.0          $49.99
>Illustrator 10          $49.99
>Acrobat 6.0 Pro      $99.95
>PageMaker 6.5       $49.95
>After Effects 5.5     $49.99
>Stream Line 4.0       $49.99
>In Design 2.0         $49.99<<

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