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Unresolved cross-references


I'm having a problem I hope someone can help me with. I've used Frame for
many years and am currently at version 6.0p405. I've never had this problem

My book file contains some chapters that include large text insets for
single-sourcing. Chapter 2 contains cross-references to Chapter 6, which is
one of those with a large text inset. A few of these x-refs won't
stick--that is, I place them where they should be (referring to Chapter 6,
not directly to the text inset file), but when I regenerate the book, they
come up unresolved. 

I've tried multiple times to replace the x-refs. I've tried retyping the
headings they refer to in the text inset file and putting them in again.
I've tried copying all the text in the text inset and pasting it to a new
file to replace the old file; I've also done that with Chapter 6. I've tried
saving Chapter 2 as a .mif and saving it back again as an .fm. Still a few
of these won't stick. 

I should probably mention that this problem started after we had network
problems; we work on all our files over the network, and they cannot be
moved to my hard drive because text insets and graphics spiderweb all over
the place. (Single-sourcing is wonderful when it works, but sometimes...!)

Any ideas? I'd appreciate any help you can give me.

Jean Femia
Technical Publications, Opto 22

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