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RE: Unresolved cross-references

Jean Femia wrote: 

> My book file contains some chapters that include large text insets for
> single-sourcing. Chapter 2 contains cross-references to 
> Chapter 6, which is
> one of those with a large text inset. A few of these x-refs won't
> stick--that is, I place them where they should be (referring 
> to Chapter 6,
> not directly to the text inset file), but when I regenerate 
> the book, they
> come up unresolved. 

X-refs to text insets are tricky. It sounds like when you create an
x-ref in Ch. 2, you've got Source Type set to Paragraphs. That won't
work. The paragraphs in the text inset are available for selection, but
you're putting the marker into Ch. 6, not into the text inset source
file. Therefore, the next time that FM updates the text inset, the
destination markers disappear. 

To x-ref a spot in a text inset: 

1. Open the source file for the text inset and put the insertion point
at the spot (heading, whatever) that you want the x-ref to point to. 

2. Open the Marker dialog (Esc s m), set Marker Type to Cross-Ref, enter
a meaningful name for the marker in the Marker Text box, and click New

3. In Ch. 6, update the text inset so that the marker you created is

4. In Ch. 2, at the spot where you want to insert the x-ref, open the
Cross-Reference dialog (Esc s c). Set Document to Ch. 6 and Source Type
to Cross-Reference Markers. 

5. In the Cross-Reference Markers list, select the meaningful name you
gave the marker you created in step 2. Select the Format you want and
click Insert. 

Your new x-ref points to Ch. 6, but the marker it's looking for exists
in the text inset source file, so it won't disappear when the text inset
is updated. 


Richard G. Combs
Senior Technical Writer
Voyant Technologies, Inc.
richardDOTcombs AT voyanttechDOTcom
rgcombs AT freeDASHmarketDOTnet

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