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Re: Importing pdfs into FrameMaker

How are you creating those EPS files? The EPS files exported directly
from Visio are more bogus than a three dollar bill! EPS files saved
from cropped PDF created from Visio should work just fine!

        - Dov

At 8/15/2003 11:07 AM, Kevin Meadows wrote:
>We are having lots of problems importing eps's produced by Visio into our
>FrameMaker documents. Specifically, the line weight is too heavy and all
>circles lose their "soft" roundness. I have also tried cgm, and exporting
>to a format I can open in our vector graphic program (CorelDRAW), to no
>What does seem to be working quite well is using Distiller to print the
>Visio drawings into pdf. I then import the pdf into FrameMaker and it
>looks good when I pdf the Framemaker file.
>Visio 2k Pro
>FrameMaker 7.0
>CorelDRAW 10

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