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Re: Troubles with JPGs and Frame file size

If you are importing images directly into the document (not by
reference) or simply using the paste command to place the images into
frames, what is ending up in your document is the UNCOMPRESSED version
of the images, not the highly compressed JPEG images.

This is a perfect example of why images or for that matter any graphics
should normally be imported into FrameMaker (or any other document
assembly / layout program) by reference. 

        - Dov

At 8/15/2003 03:36 PM, JoPaKent@comcast.net wrote:
>My boss is playing graphics guy and has put a number of graphics into anchored 
>frames.  He just came over and asked how to make the anchored frames display a 
>OK, Iíve tried everything that made sense on the Object Properties dialog box 
>and the Graphics toolbar, so now what.
>In addition to the border issue I just asked about, there's another issue.  
>The 41 jpgs we've pasted into this file are blowing up the file size 
>The desired outcome is to have one document with all of the jpgs contained 
>within.  The file size of all 41 JPGs together is less than 4 megs.  However, 
>once we paste them all into a frame doc, the file size is 94 megs.
>I thought the problem was that we were cutting and pasting and that it was the 
>OLE engine clunking everything up.  But I've tried importing a few files into a 
>Frame document and noticed that the Frame file seems to blow way up, growing 
>50k to 1.1 meg with the inclusion of one 50k JPG.
>Is there another file format that I should be using?  I noticed that the JPGs 
>are 24 bit true color and (in the version with the OLE pasted files) tried 
>using the Edit Photo Editor Object to drop the color down to 8 bit.  It didn't 
>change the file size though.
>I'm wondering if I could open all of the JPGs in PhotoShop and tweak them 
>somehow so that Frame will handle them more efficiently.
>The desired end result is a Frame document that can be used in at least two 
>different Books.  
>We are using Frame 7.0 on Win XP
>J. Paul Kent

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