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Running FrameMaker on WINE or CrossOver Office on Linux


Has anybody tried running FrameMaker on WINE or CrossOver Office?  These
are both Windows API emulators running on Linux that make applications
think they are running in Windows.

I would like to switch my current home computer, a PowerMac 7300/200, to an
Intel or AMD computer running Linux.  Trouble is, I would need to dual boot
Windows and Linux so I can continue to run FrameMaker.  Unfortunately,
Linux cannot yet write to an NTFS (NT File System) partition, so I would be
faced with rebooting all the time to switch between Linux and Windows.

You can run Windows apps on Linux via Win4Lin which supports a real Windows
98 SE running on top of Linux, thus allowing you to stay in Linux all the
time, and allowing both Linux and Windows apps access to ALL folders and
files.  WINE and CrossOver support Microsoft Office and some other apps
such as Photoshop, but not all.

So I though I would save some expensive experimentation by asking if any of
the good-looking, wise, and intelligent people on these lists had tried it
first ...  And if plugins such as IXgen, Enhance, and FrameScript were also
supported, so much the better.

[Windows XP Pro, FrameMaker 7.0p578, FrameScript 2.1r3, Enhance 2.04,
Acrobat 5.05, mif2go 33u34, WebWorks Publisher 7.05, IXgen 7.2p055, HTML
Help Workshop 4.74 build 8702.0, HTML Help 1.31]


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