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RE: Resolution in PDF screenshots (.bmps)

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the info! Setting the Distiller to PrintOptimized and taking
out the resampling options did it - the screenshots are printing out now
with excellent resolution. Again, many thanks!



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Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2003 1:13 AM
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Subject: Re: Resolution in PDF screenshots (.bmps)

> A colleague of mine created a PDF using .bmps of screenshots that had 
> really good resolution when printed out. (WinXP, print to 
> PostScript/distill to PDF using Acrobat 5). When I did the same thing 
> using Acrobat 4, the screenshots had very poor resolution.

The quality/resolution of graphics in a produced PDF file is determined
by the Distiller Job Options. In the Distiller's main window, there's a
setting for predetermined Job Options. Try the PrintOptimized instead of
the ScreenOptimized.

If you want full control of how Distiller treats graphics, you can
select Settings>Job Options and the Compression tab. Make sure not to
have any resampling or downsampling turned on (or at least keep them at
300 dpi or more), and use 8-bit ZIP compression (or CCITT for monochrome
bitmaps). Do not use "Automatic" compression!

If your PDF file size becomes too large, you can tweak these settings
until you find a good compromise between quality and file size. There's
also a few other settings you can check, like font embedding and the
overall Resolution on the General tab.

Keep printing to PS file and Distill manually to get full control. And
don't forget to use the "Acrobat Distiller" printer driver!

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