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Re: OT: Error messages opening PDF in Adobe Reader 6.0

Based upon your wording, can we assume that OTHER recipients of the 
SAME file are NOT having any problem opening that particular file with
Adobe Reader 6? If that is indeed the case, it would seem like that 
user's copy of the file got corrupted somehow, possibly in download or

        - Dov

At 7/30/2003 08:41 AM, Horan, Patrice wrote:
>A customer on Win2000 SP4 reported the following message when opening a pdf
>(created from Frame 6 files) w/ Adobe Reader 6.0: 
>The page numbered "23" is corrupt.
>"Illegal operation "Q" inside a text object" on page numbered "71"
>Page "95" has an invalid restore
>embedded font "MKGPHP+Optima-BoldOblique"
>No other customer has reported this.
>What should I be asking to track down the problem?
>Patrice Horan
>(847) 572 - 4445

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