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Re: Font Issue

Unfortunately, the reason why FrameMaker allows you to format text in
Helvetica is that you probably have a PostScript printer defined on
your system that has Helvetica as a "resident font." In other words,
a copy of the font is on the printer, but not your system. Windows
allows drivers to report back to applications that the font is 
available even though it is not installed on the desktop system.

You have three possible solutions here:

(1) If your printer has Adobe PostScript 3 (not "emulation" of
PostScript), it should have come with a disk with host-based versions
of all the printer resident fonts for use on your desktop system.
That would include 8 faces of Helvetica (including Helvetica Narrow).

(2) License the faces of Helvetica you need and install them.

(3) Change your content that is formatted in Helvetica to some other
typeface. Under Windows, Arial has the same widths and a similar

You can avoid the problem in the future by following the advice I have
provided very often on this list and on the Adobe User-to-User Forums
at <http://www.adobeforums.com/cgi-bin/webx?50@97.CAWhaz3c2dA.1501613@.ef4dc6a>.
Follow all the directions including those in the FURTHERMORE section.

        - Dov

At 7/30/2003 08:37 AM, Gina Gustin wrote:
>This may not be entirely on topic, and I apologize if this has already 
>been covered here but...
>We have been working in FrameMaker 6.0, on Windows 2000.  Helvetical 
>Font doesn't appear to be installed on our PCs, yet, we are gleefully 
>working away in documents that feature the Helvetica font.  When we go 
>to try and create a .pdf file, it substitutes Times Roman.  When I go 
>to print a file on our color printer, it substitutes Times Roman.
>I don't know much about how fonts work on a PC (I knew much more when I 
>used a Macintosh).  Here's my question:  How is FrameMaker using 
>Helvetica when Helvetica isn't loaded on my PC?  Is it possible that 
>FrameMaker is using a font that is installed on the printer I am using?

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