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Problems with Cross-References within Text Insets in .pdf


I am hoping someone can help me. I have a writing team at a very large
client using text insets to create documentation.

In FrameMaker, cross-references are working just fine.

However, once we create a .pdf file, the cross-references that are in the
text insets no longer work. For example, if the text says, "Figure 1-1 shows
the widget." and 'Figure 1-1" is cross-references to the figure caption tag
for Figure 1-1, in Frame, everything is fine.

Once I create the .pdf file, the cross-reference to the figure caption tag
is not "clickable".

Cross-references that are not in a text inset work fine.

This large customer is using Frame 5.5.6. However, I have tried both Frame
5.5.6 and Frame 6.0. I am using Acrobat version 5.0.5. I am using the
Distiller driver that came with Acrobat.

Can someone please help me figure this out?


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