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Re: How many Framemaker Users -- Ballpark

Bill Briggs wrote:

> At 11:17 AM -0700 10/07/03, Chuck Hastings wrote:
>  That just about sums it up. I couldn't imagine giving up my 
> well-behaved FrameMaker for Word's "I know what you want me to do" 
> approach. Well, I'll give it up for LyX or Textures if Adobe drops the 
> Mac version of FrameMaker.

I agree. Only I'm thinking of giving it up for DocBook since Adobe does 
not intend to port FM to the Linux platform which is very common here 
where I work. Everybody in our development departement uses Linux and 
I'm the only one who uses Windows. This makes me an outsider and 
everybody's pointing fingers at me. I know it. I can't stand it anymore 
- this is too much. I surrender ... I'm going to use Linux.

Then I can come out of my cubicle even when it's not dark and nobody 
threatens my familiy anymore. That would be paradise. Even the people in 
my neighborhood are going to invite me to their barbecues again. They 
did till they found out about me using Windows last year. Now they 
scratch my car and torment my cat. Luckily I have no kids - think of 
what they would do to them. I thought about moving but nobody wants to 
buy a house from a Windows user. Even the guy at the grocery store makes 
me pay double prices for he KNOWS ... everybody knows ... I can't stand 
it anymore ...

What do these two guys in black want? They have "LPD" printed on their 
suits. Must be Linux Police Departement. They found me ... *arrgh*

My mobile's ringing ... hope it's Morpheus trying to save me ...
Thomas Gier
Technical Writer

Cologne - Germany

P.S and yes, I am going nuts. It's too hot in here ...

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